Andrés Martínez is a Costa Rican dancer/choreographer based in Budapest. He currently performs, choreographs and teaches.

Following five years dancing for some of Costa Rica's most celebrated choreographers and companies including Rogelio López, Nandayure Harley, Danza Universitaria Company, Ileana Álvarez, UNA Danza Joven. Internationally he has worked with choreographers and companies including Módulo Dance Company, Carmen Werner, Matrafisc Dance, Fernando Anuang'a, Fernando Hurtado, Farm in the Cave, Cienfuegos Danza in Estancias Coreográficas.

He launched his own company to showcase his works in 2018. Steadily building an international reputation for creating, affecting and visually arresting works, that are particularly suited to small, middle scale theatres as well as non-theatre settings.

Past productions include Frecuencia 35, ¿Débil?, Me fuí..., Décalage, Tripalium Factum, Physical Score. International touring includes Mexico, Spain, Cuba, USA, Guatemala, Hungary, Czech Republic, UK. Future plans include Dad? (2020) and Citizens (2020 - 2021); a work inspired by the play "Ciudad Sitiada" (Besieged City) by Laila Ripoll.

Andrés regularly leads intensive workshops and classes for dance organisations, training institutes, dance academies and festivals including engagements in Costa Rica, United States and UK.